What is Your Skin Trying to Tell You About Your Overall Health?




A woman’s skin can reveal more than her age. It can also divulge important health information regarding blood pressure and susceptibility to heart disease and stroke. According to research involving 260 women with an average age of 63, those with fewer wrinkles were found to have lower blood pressure, lower risk of heart disease/stroke and increased longevity (compared to their older-looking counterparts). This study identified blood pressure as the driving factor behind the association between cardiovascular disease risk and perceived age. For the first time, it established a link between low blood pressure and more youthful (non-wrinkled) looks. More research is needed to determine if the link is based on genetics or simply greater overall attention to health.


If you are not blessed with low blood pressure and minimal age-related wrinkling, you can still look more youthful with some help from a dermatologist. There are many cosmetic creams, several injectables, as well as laser options available to you. Additionally, women who carefully attend to their facial skin may also want to direct similar care to the backs of their hands, which endure just about the same amount of exposure to UV light and other elements as their faces do.


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