Smoking and Skin Damage

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One of the primary reasons that young people start smoking cigarettes is that they want to look older, and ironically, that is exactly what smoking does. Scientific proof of this fact comes from a study involving analysis of the faces of identical twins who recently celebrated the annual Twin Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. When medical doctors compared the faces of twin pairs, one of whom smoked and the other of whom did not, they found that the smokers were much more likely to have sagging upper eyelids, bags under their eyes, and more wrinkling of the lower portions of their faces. The good news is that quitting the smoking habit helps arrest further deterioration of smokers’ facial skin.

Nicotine dramatically narrows tiny blood vessels so that they are unable to supply the skin with sufficient oxygen and vitamin A. Since your skin is a living organ, it needs oxygen and nutrients to retain its elasticity and healthy color. The act of smoking itself not only mechanically causes wrinkles to form around the puckered lips of smokers, but it also impairs circulation that normally feeds and replenishes skin. A dermatologist can create a treatment protocol to minimize puckering lines around the lips, sagging under the eyes and wrinkling skin.



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