Psoriasis’ Quality of Life Effect



Many of the approximately 7.5 million Americans who have psoriasis do not fully realize the degree to which the disease affects them and those with whom they live. Accumulating research concerning psoriasis patients increasingly shows that their quality of life may be impaired by the disease to the extent that they may experience higher levels of anxiety and depression, feelings of stigmatization, and other problems. The most recent research now also indicates that cohabitants of psoriasis patients have difficulty coping with issues related to psoriasis, such as having to avoid certain activities or helping with treatment.


This research points out that psoriasis patients should avail themselves of treatment, for their own benefit and for those they love. Psoriasis treatment depends upon the type and severity of your disease, and one treatment does not work for everyone. There is a wide range of therapeutic options for patients with psoriasis, from classic topical treatments to the more sophisticated new drugs.


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