Preventing Burns During Campfire Season

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The danger of suffering serious skin burns does not begin and end with seasonal fireworks. Family camping with open campfires and/or barbeque cooking can also pose a real danger any time of the year. Children are usually thrilled at the sight of an open campfire, and rightly so, because it gives them the chance to roast hot dogs and marshmallows on sticks and long forks. At the same time, adults should be particularly careful to supervise these activities. Trips and falls around campfire sites are common causes of burns among children. With this in mind, it is a good idea to establish a safety circle of at least 10 feet around campfires with some type of barrier.

Burns are classified as first, second, and third degree. The most damaging is a third degree burn which causes scarring and sometimes physical disfigurement. In the event of a burn injury, immediately “stop, drop, and roll” and call 911. Until help arrives, remove any clothing that may be on fire and place a dry bandage on the burn to prevent heat loss and help control pain. Dermatologist can treat burns as well as a wide-spectrum of issues involving hair, skin, or nails.



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