Reimbursements and Refunds

While Cheyenne Skin Clinic makes all reasonable efforts to estimate the patient’s out of pocket or co-payment due at the time of service, occasionally overpayments may occur. If Cheyenne Skin Clinic becomes aware of an overpayment or mistake in payment (either through the Cheyenne Skin Clinic’s discovery, or by notification of the patient, the Cheyenne Skin Clinic will process this overpayment either back to the patient or to the insurance, whichever is indicated. Refunds are processed every thirty days. Please let us know if you have an urgency for reimbursement. If an overpayment is indicated and you would like to request a refund in writing, please send a letter of explanation, including the patient’s name, date of birth and date of service and request for overpayment to:


Cheyenne Skin Clinic

Attn: Patient Refunds

123 Western Hills Boulevard

Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009



Also, discovery of overpayments or questions regarding a balance may be addressed by calling Cheyenne Skin Clinic at 307-638-5150.

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