Fat Deposits Around the Eyes


Man in bathroom applying cosmetics on his face


Middle-aged and older adults are particularly likely to experience little yellow deposits that develop under the skin, most commonly on the eyelids near the nose. These cholesterol-filled plaques, known as “xanthelasma,” occur more often in women and are always benign. However, they are often indicative of high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides or other lipids in the blood. This is reason enough for those with xanthelasma to consult with their primary care physicians about screening for high fat levels in their blood. As far as the cosmetic aspect of these plaques is concerned, they can be removed through the use of cryotherapy (freezing), laser ablation, surgical excision, electrodessication or chemical cauterization, although no treatment will prevent recurrence.  Xanthelasma, which do not go away by themselves, may eventually coalesce and become increasingly unsightly without proper removal.


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