Sponsorship/Donation Policy

The Cheyenne Skin Clinic and ADORA DAY SPA are very committed to the community in which we do business and have provided support, monetary and in-kind, since we were founded in 1983.


The Cheyenne Skin Clinic and Adora Day Spa has identified three core charities to which sponsorship/donations have been committed:

  • United Medical Center Foundation
  • Wyoming Medical Society


While we would like to assist many other organizations, we must make the most effective use of our resources. Thus, the Cheyenne Skin Clinic and Adora Day Spa have instituted a sponsorship/donation policy, effective July 1, 2003 . The policy states that the Cheyenne Skin Clinic and Adora Day Spa are not able to consider requests for general support and do not contribute directly to:

  • Individual or scholarship programs
  • Organized sport teams/leagues
  • Individual schools
  • Religious causes/programs
  • Corporate/family picnics


Eligible organizations* must complete a sponsorship request at least 60-days prior to the event to be considered. To make a request, please send a one-page letter on the organization’s stationery with the following information:

  • Brief description of the event and the organization
  • Date of the event, number of attendees expected
  • Specific product or item requested (i.e. Cheyenne Skin Clinic donation, Adora Day Spa treatment or gift card)
  • Contact person, their daytime phone number and email address


After processing your request, we will contact you with the decision and supply the necessary details of how to pick up your donation.


Please mail requests to:

Cheyenne Skin Clinic and ADORA DAY SPA

c/o Teresa Lake

123 Western Hills Blvd.

Cheyenne , WY 82009


*Organizations or projects promoting sun protection, sunscreen awareness or skin cancer prevention will be given priority.

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