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After delivering babies, women may find that they are prone to acne that lasts for about two to three months. Postpartum acne develops in response to fluctuations in estrogen and progesterone levels produced during pregnancy. If she is not breast-feeding, a woman's acne may be treated with tretinoin (a vitamin A derivative) and antibiotics. At the same time, a new mother may find that moles and other pigmented lesions on her face may have gotten darker and enlarged during her pregnancy due to increased melanin production. While they may either retain their darkened color or fade over the six months following delivery, moles that look multipigmented or that have irregular borders should be examined to rule out skin cancer.

If post-partum skin problems or any other skin, hair, or nails' problems are troubling you, help is as near as your phone. Dermatologists are physicians who have undergone specialized training and are experienced in treating medical as well as cosmetic skin woes. For information or to schedule an appointment for professional skin care, call the CHEYENNE SKIN CLINIC at 635-0226. We are conveniently located at 123 Western Hills Blvd.

P.S: While tretinoin may be prescribed to accelerate the fading of melasma (patches of darker facial pigmentation that often occur during pregnancy), it cannot be used by breast-feeding mothers.

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